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"Don't let your guard down, for any reason. The only
way to survive in a business like this is to trust no one." 

The second installment in the Sadie Lynch series! 

"Unexpected twists, plans gone wrong, and Sadie’s stubborn determination keep you pinned to the page! Well-crafted characters and fast-paced scenes make this a great read." -- A.W. BALDWIN, award-winning author of the Relic thriller novels.

Officer Sadie Lynch is a cop, not a killer. But with a shadowy black ops organization holding her grandfather hostage, she has no choice but to take on the most dangerous mission of her life. Before she knows it, she’s working deep cover to infiltrate a fanatical terrorist cell hidden at the University of Kansas. 

Sadie’s keen mind and years of training are strained to the breaking point by this deadly game where nothing is what it seems. Her pursuit of justice in taking down the Hallani Network is further complicated by her budding romance with her fellow agent and former Navy SEAL, Jarett Barber. Soon Sadie is faced with an impossible choice: will she follow her orders from Civ Task Black for the safety of the nation, even at the cost of her own soul and Jarett’s life?

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Out Now



“Drama, romance, and a deadly pursuit keep the pages flying in this sizzling speed ride of a thriller.” -- DIRK CUSSLER, New York Times Best-Selling Co-Author of the Dirk Pitt Series

Officer Sadie Lynch’s world was a simple one. She served her community in a Kansas City suburb, keeping people safe and catching the bad guys. It was a lonely life with only her elderly grandfather for companionship, but at least everything made sense. That world came crashing to an end the day a mysterious assassin tried to murder Grandpa in his nursing home.

Before Sadie could blink, she and Grandpa were on the run for their lives, and nothing was simple anymore. Friendly suburban housewives were shooting at them, good guys were stealing cars to stay alive, and Grandpa’s former career working for the government was turning out to be something far more sinister. Their only hope for saving themselves lay in a forbidding ex-Navy SEAL. But could anyone be trusted when their shadowy adversary had eyes and ears everywhere they ran?

Get your copy of the Clive Cussler Grandmaster Finalist Award-winning On the Run to find out if tough and determined Sadie has what it takes to survive.

"It's no wonder this book won the Adventure Writers' Competition Finalist Award! Fast and fun, with a protagonist (and a gravelly grandfather) you'll love right from the start. This is the first installment of what's sure to be a great series! Highly recommended!"
A.W. BALDWIN, award-winning author of A Relic Novels

"Full of suspense, special operations, intrigue, and danger, this is a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat. I can't wait to read the next installment."
--DAVID CROW, award-winning author of The Pale-Faced Lie: A True Story


"I'd recommend this book to anyone looking for their next fast-paced adventure!"

--NELLIE H. STEELE, award-winning author of Cleopatra's Tomb
"Maranda's storytelling is captivating."

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On the Run has all the good elements of a novel of intrigue -- action, suspense, surprise, excitement, humor to break the tension, and of course, romance.

Julie Aikins


I'm adding Maranda Collins to my authors list to watch for another book in the future.​

Bec Nilges

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